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Once you have a baby, it's astounding the amount of stuff you need.""" . Even the most minimalist parent who swears to buy only the essentials finds themselves in a deluge . (They grow out of clothes so fast.) Oh, and when are you most likely to realize that there's something else you so desperately need? Between wee-hours feedings, when there's no way in hell you're getting everyone dressed, packing everyone into the car, and going to the nearest store (if there is even one that's open).

Hence, the world of online shopping becomes an essential part of a new parent’s routine — it gets to the point where, for better or worse, you get good at online shopping while you’re still only half awake. But where to shop? Here are the best baby stores online, where you can find everything you need and have it shipped to your door while you stay in your PJs with your messy bun. From big-ticket items like cribs, car seats, and swings to those everyday essentials like pacifiers, sunscreen, and baby cleaners, parenting reinforcements are just a few clicks away. (And don’t forget about Seamless is a brand-new-parent’s best friend.)


Why worry about pacing the aisles of overcrowded, massive department stores searching for the perfect baby products, when from the comfort of your own home, you can just click around to find exactly what you're looking for?

Aside from saving a ton of time and energy, one of the biggest benefits of shopping online for your newborn or tot is that you can read the reviews from other parents who’ve already done some hands-on research for you. (Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your little sunshine!) It's crucial to surround your sweetie with the safest and healthiest products that are available within your budget. Another perk is that quite a few online baby stores offer some unique products that you simply can't find in stores.